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Scour™ Cleaning Paste All-surface Scrub

All Purpose Cleaner
Patricia W.

Great for cleaning my stove top

All Purpose Cleaner Concentrate

Love this!

I've used this on everything from my dirty oven, to the stovetop, shower, etc. It works amazing!! Completely cleaned off some of the grease spots on my oven and stove that even the previous cleaner I'd been using that was chock-full of chemicals and hours of scrubbing couldn't get off. Highly highly recommend this!!

I can't be without these!

My toilet bowl has never looked so good! This really helps with stains!

Laundry Soap
Regina F.
This is my third bag, I think?

Repeat customer and will continue to purchase. I found this from a local refill shop and then moved away. I'm so happy I can buy it online here! Love the delicate scent (not overwhelming, and doesn't linger on clothes). Everything comes out of the machine fresh and clean, and I don't have to worry about the nasty chemicals in store-bought brands.

Smells so good

It is often hard to find good smelling non toxic cleaners…….this is one that smells amazing! Great job Holly!

Laundry Soap
Krischa P.
Love this stuff!!!

Have thoroughly enjoyed this laundry soap!

Miracle cleaning bombs

Best toilet bowl cleaner I’ve used. Fresh smell without the harsh chemicals and liquid mess.

Laundry Soap
Jodi H.

I’m only on my second bag of humble suds laundry soap but I love it so far! Smells good, gets my clothes clean, and I like that it has no harsh chemicals in it.


Love the Lavender and Green Tea Scent!

Laundry Soap
Marnie J.
Amazing detergent

Repeat customer who loves this detergent. I’ll be back for more.

Laundry Soap
Londa B.

I love the light clean smell and it gets our clothes nice and clean!

Love it!

I’m so happy I found this product! Finally something I feel good about using. I don’t have to worry about chemical residue in my bathtub after scrubbing with Humble Suds and it really gets the shine I like! Highly recommended!

Laundry Soap
Loretta E.

Love it!!

Peach tea towel

I absolutely love this cheerful and high quality tea towel. Brightens my kitchen and day!

Laundry Soap
Ashley G.

Absolutely love this laundry soap! Been using for several months and love it!

Counter cleaner

Smells really nice but not too strong. I used it on our nasty microwave too. I let it sit for awhile after I sprayed it on and it did a great job.


I so badly wanted to love this as it came recommended by multiple people. I’ve always made my own laundry powder with minimal ingredients and it did just fine, but I figured if I could get it premade and have it be just as safe then that would be better. I got the unscented and noticed my clothes started smelling musty after they had been washed. I stopped using it and it went away. I tried it again just to make sure and my clothes are definitely still smelling like dirty clothes. Super bummed.


It performs as described and smells heavenly. It arrived in no time and was packaged well. Thank you so much!

Laundry Soap
Miriam M.

I really love your laundry soap,it even makes musty towels fresh and clean again, thank you!

All Purpose Cleaner
Christine A.

Love that these products are not only clean, they smell amazing, are aesthetically pleasing and they actually work!! The customer service is also great. So happy to find these products, will definitely repurchase.

Cleans Tough Stains

I received a sample of Illuminate with my detergent order. I tried it out and I was sold! This works on clothing stains, and I also use it to scrub tile and the shower. Works like a charm!

Laundry Soap
Andi M.
Best Natural Detergent EVER

The quality and value of this product is unmatched. I never want to buy another detergent again! I have tried other natural or "eco" detergents in the past but none have been able to clean tough enough for gym clothes and the like. Humble Suds always leaves my laundry smelling fresh and clean, and it really gets the stains out. I'm a huge fan and would definitely recommend.

Laundry Soap
Jacque D.
Humble Suds Love!

I first bought Humble Suds at a retail store in Sioux Falls, SD as an experiment to see if I should like such a product. Frankly, I was tired of using a great big plastic bottle, and even though I recycled those, I wasn't sure if they were recycled for a good use. I tried the humble suds and loved the product. I always get the orange/lemongrass scent. It uses very little in the washer, and I feel like it gets my clothes clean. I still do use liquid laundry detergent, but instead of it lasting one month, I can stretch it out to three months. I have always been conscious of waste in our environment. Humble suds is a way of making things better!