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Great scent!

Cleans well - and I LOVE the smell! I like using products that do the job without harsh chemicals. This is terrific!


I love the gentle smell of this cleaning product and best of all it works!


Use this for my shower- no chemical smell and cleans really well

Cleaning paste

Does a great job cleaning - and smells terrific, too!

Makes me happy to clean

obsessed with this concentrate! Love that I get 2 spray bottle refills per concentrate bottle! Grapefruit Lemon scent is my absolute favorite and I love that a spritz and whipe on my counter tops leaves only a fresh scent, no sticky or soapy residue like other all purpose sprays I've used.


I didn't think I could find something to replace toilet bowl cleaner. I have and I still feel like my toilets get clean and smell good!

Laundry Soap
Sarah F.
Great switch

Switched from another clean powder brand but Humble suds costs less, uses less powder per load and still cleans my clothes.

Works Great!

Tried these in my toilet and they worked so well. I had some nasty tough stains in the toilet and let the miracle cleaning bombs soak as directed and it all came right off! Also used it to soak in my farmhouse sink to get all the stains and extra grime off and it looked brand new. Excited to try them with other deep cleaning things!

The only cleaner I’ll use from now on!

I’ve made 3 purchases now of this cleaner! This is the only cleaner I will use from now on! I love the smell and the simple ingredients knowing my family and my pets are safe!

Love it

I needed a cutting board treatment to replace the mineral oil product I had used previously. I have used the Revival twice so far and my cutting boards are silky smooth , repel water , and are much easier to keep clean. This product is a Gem!

Best cleaner

The best nontoxic cleaner I found. Love 2 of the scents.


I really like this cleaner; I can clean surfaces and not worry about my little ones touches them afterwards; I also love the smell!


I am enjoying my soap. I had made something similar in the past and this ensures that I have it on hand all the time! I love the smell too!

Great stuff - and a little goes a long way

This is my first purchase, but I've been pleasantly surprised by just how effectdive Humble Suds Scour is on so many surfaces - granite countertops, our textured sink basins, and our cookware. Very happy!

Highly recommend

Best customer service! I loved the product!
5 stars all the way!


Thank you. Love this cleaner!

All Purpose Cleaner
Anabelle D.

This is amazing! Def going to get again, when I run out.


My favorite cleaner, use this for everything.


My quartz looks more glossy and clean! It smells so fresh. I love it!


Smells lovely- works great- safely packaged


Loved the scent and worked well with our wash. Appreciate the minimal packaging. Thank you!

Sampler Kit
Mercedes R.

So glad I ordered this. My two favorite items are the scour cleaning paste and the wood and leather balm. I will definitely be ordering these in the full size.


Great refills for the cleaner bottles.


Love this stuff! I'm a repeat customer


Great item! Works well! Thank you!